Analysis of the Laser Therapy


Today many people are into laser therapy in order to correct skin irregularities in texture and color. This is also the best option for a person willing to attain a youthful skin. The laser therapy is offered in the hospitals or in the cosmetic centers such as Albany laser and cosmetic center. There is also the non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can solve the problem of skin that has been severely damaged due to sun exposure and those that are showing signs of aging. To correcting folds to reducing the wrinkles and to repairing the lips, the laser therapy is finding favor with both clients and dermatologist. The dermatologist’s accesses the exact skin condition then prescribes for the right laser therapy.

There is a variety of laser therapy offered in the Albany Laser & Cosmetic Center that can cure so many different types of skin condition. However, the treatment can only prove to work if only the underlying cause of the condition is rightly deduced by a dermatologist. It is advisable that one go for the doctor advice in order to get prescription for the best cosmetic therapy. The first thing, one should be able to decide the type of the laser therapy that is right for him or her. There is two main category of the laser therapy which is ablative and non-ablative. There are also other types of laser therapy each their own pros and cons.

CO2 and Erbium are in the category of ablative and they work by burning off the surface of one’s skin in order to bring out the younger skin tissue below. This type of cosmetic therapy at is usually very aggressive but they are known to bring the best results. The recovery time is usually allowed in order to get excellent results. On the other hand, there is the non-ablative laser treatment which penetrates its beams in the skin tissue in order to target the abnormal cells. They do not burn the surface skin and that’s why they take a couple of sessions in order to attain the best results.

One should prepare well for the procedure. The therapist will recommend some routine tasks to be done before the due date. It is wise to mind the treated skin with extra care and caution. After the treatment, the skin will always look younger and smoother, in order to maintain this, one may need to take caution not to expose the skin again rest it get destroyed again. One can take  Vitamin C topically or orally to maintain the smoothness of the skin. You might want to check this website at for more info about cosmetics.


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